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Pool Service in Boca Raton

Welcome to the best pool cleaners in Boca Raton! We understand how awesome it is to have a pool. The quick access to leisure after a long day, or the unparalleled entertainment value of a pool party. We also understand that maintaining a pool gets old pretty quickly. After those long days, you want

to enjoy your pool, not clean it. Lucky for you, pool maintenance services are our passion. The good, the bad, and the ugly…we love it all.  Which is why we’ve made our passion into the best pool service company in Boca Raton. The only thing better than having a great pool ready to go at any moment is knowing it’ll stay that way because you have a dedicated professional team on your side working to keep your pool, jacuzzi, or spa clean and balanced.

We service pools and spas of all types and sizes, as well as above ground and inground pools. Our technicians are well trained, and we take great pride in our team and culture that we have created. You can rest assured that your pool tech will maintain your pool and chemical/salt levels to the exacting standards as if it were their own. We can even fix most mechanical problems with the pool and equipment. And if we can’t fix it, we can point you in the direction of one of our expert business associates in the field. Residential and commercial upkeep available. We can provide pool service as often as you like. For most residential conditions we recommend a pool cleaning / chemical check at least once a week. Commercial pools should be cleaned more often, at least twice a week. With each cleaning, we will run a general pool maintenance checkup to ensure all levels are appropriate and all mechanical parts of the pool equipment are in good working order. We do more than just pool upkeep, we are a full-service company with years of experience in everything pool related.

Pool Maintenance

You can have our team come out once a week with our monthly maintenance to give a complete once over to your whole pool, jacuzzi, or spa system. Of course, we skim debris off the top of the water and vacuum the bottom. Any other parts, such as the sides and stairs get scrubbed down to keep them looking fresh and prevent any buildup from causing stains. We also clean the inside of your filter, removing any debris from the strainer to make sure your pump runs smoothly, as well as preventing more dirt from circulating back into the system. We offer many other important pool services as well, such as tile cleaning and bead blasting. Let us connect with you to find out how to best service your pool system by giving us a call or filling out the free quote form!

Pool Pump Service

In case your pump is past its prime and needs replacement, we can replace it with a high-quality pump that will keep your pool clean while running efficiently. In some cases, pool pump repair is a great option. Sometimes this is as simple as replacing inexpensive seals before they lead to damage, or even just using a special cleaning solution to break up dirt and debris inside the pump to keep it from overworking. Regular upkeep is needed to detect these problems while they are still small, and we believe we are the best pool company in Boca Raton to do so!

-Here’s a tip for you- if you are aware of a big storm rolling into town, it is wise to turn off your pool equipment until the storm passes. This can prevent the large debris that comes with storms from inevitably getting caught in your pool filter and burning out the pump, possibly preventing the need for serious pool repair.

Algae Removal

One of the scarier swimming pool service tasks for a homeowner or business to come across is an algae bloom. Algae buildup is somewhat of a nightmare if it happens to strike your beautiful pool. Lucky for you, we are experts at stopping this little monster in its tracks. We offer algae cleaning service in two phases. 1) We physically scrub and vacuum the algae to restore the pristine color of the water itself and the pool surface. And 2) we treat the water to cure the original cause of the algae, as well as clean all parts of the system afterwards to ensure it doesn’t return. This process differs a bit between saltwater pools and chlorine pools, and we specialize in both types. Don’t let the green monster stop you from enjoying your pool!

Acid Wash

Over time, stains and discoloration can occur on the surface of your pool as well as the filter and water jets. One option is to refinish the interior of the pool with a new coat of plaster. Another service we recommend for serious staining is what’s called an acid wash. We drain out the pool and clean all surfaces with a mix of water and muriatic acid. This restores the entirety of your pool surfaces to looking as if they were brand new.

Salt Water Pool Service

With our years of experience, we are familiar with all types of pool systems. If you have a salt water pool already, we know how to check the life of the salt cells, work with the filter to ensure longevity, and check your water levels to dial everything into the perfect range. Or maybe you have a chlorine pool and are interested in learning about salt pools. We can talk to you about the ins and outs of a salt water system so you can make an informed decision to achieve your vision. If you decide to go that route, our experts can convert you over to a state of the art salt water pool system that requires less chemical maintenance, doesn’t ‘smell like a pool’, and is much easier on the eyes, lungs, and skin!

We understand that maintaining a pool can be a cumbersome task. Just a few days of chemical levels being off, or excess debris buildup, can become quite a headache to correct. This can be from a lack of expertise, or just being busy. Either way, let our expert pool technicians give you peace of mind to know that your pool is primed and ready to enjoy at your leisure!