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Acid Wash

Is your in-ground pool stained or discolored? We have the solution for the solution. Literally. No amount of elbow grease is going to remove this staining. Often the best remedy for this unsightly problem is a good old fashioned acid wash solution.

Acid washing a pool consists of first, neutralizing any chlorine and chemicals in the pool over a week or so.

Next, the pool water is safely drained, adhering to local guidelines and laws on the procedure. If your pool was built after 1960, there are small drain caps imbedded in the plaster lining. These are called hydrostatic plugs, and they are there to alleviate any ground pressure when draining an in-ground pool. These plugs are there to prevent your pool from heaving up out of the ground! So as the water drains, the plaster must be chipped away from these caps to open them up and protect the pool shell. 

Once this is accomplished, an acid bath consisting of muriatic acid and water is poured down the pool walls and the surface is immediately scrubbed by workers and rinsed off with a water hose. The muriatic acid is extremely corrosive and toxic, and all of our trained technicians must wear heavy protective equipment to ensure a safe procedure. We use only as much acid is needed to remove the stains at hand, ensuring we protect the surface of the pool during the process. The acid/dirt solution gathers at the deep end of the pool, and soda ash must be used to neutralize the acid and bring the pH up to safe levels before it can be drained away from the pool.

This acid washing procedure is then repeated once more on the deep end for the final cleaning of stains where the previous acid solution had gathered. The muriatic acid/water solution is again neutralized and drained, leaving behind a beautiful like-new finish on the pool. The hydrostatic caps are fixed back in place with a clean coat of matching pool plaster, and the pool is set to be filled.

If your pool needs an acid wash, we highly recommend you hire a seasoned professional for the job. The margin for error is minimal when working with such harsh chemicals. We have years of experience under our belt, call us now for a free assessment of your pool! Our expert team members are mindful and efficient, here to provide you the peace of mind knowing your pool system is in good hands.

We are Boca Raton’s best pool service out there! Pool upkeep is a lifestyle for all of our expert team members. Available for all your pool needs, Boca Pool Cleaners offers everything from pool maintenance, to acid wash, to pool pump service and everything in between! We’re happy to be the ones you rely on to keep your pool system running at its best, because we know what we’re doing. Speak to one of our experts now, or submit an instant quote online!