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Algae Removal

Algae is one of a pool owner’s worst nightmares. This can happen if your chemical balances are out of range, and a number of these combinations can lead to what’s known as an algae bloom. This can even happen if your pool pump goes out in the middle of the day!

Just like that, a green pool. Luckily algae removal is a certain science, it just takes a little tenacity and a lot of elbow grease. We have helped many homeowners rid themselves of this little green monster, and restore their pool system to crystal clear water with proper levels to prevent this problem from recurring.

Here is a guide on how to handle this problem if a pool owner wants to rid themselves of this issue right away:

1) Call us. We’ll have it done in a day.

2) If that’s not an option for you, no worries. We still have you covered! You’ll want to start by checking your chemical levels and pH levels with a good reliable test kit. We recommend using a liquid test kit with droppers, as opposed to the sticks of test strips. Accurate numbers are going to be your friend here. You’ll need to reference the pH number, and add pH up or down in the amount needed to get the pH to get to 7.2-7.4

3) Get your filter running, and plan to keep it running as many hours of the day as you can. Meanwhile, you’ll want to get a nice quality pool brush and start scrubbin’ the whole pool, walls and all. Here is where the elbow grease really starts to come in. Scrubbing the algae interrupts the cell structures and makes the next step much more effective! Scrub vigorously, leaving no area unscrubbed.

4)Shock the pool and let it sit for a day. Use caution with shock because it’s toxic. Always follow precautions and instructions. You’re going for 30ppm on the chlorine.

5) Backwash your filter as necessary as it filters our a bunch of algae.
After a day of sitting, with the filter running, the shock should kill off the algae and once it does, the algae will no longer be green in color. Rather it will be grey or translucent and slimy looking.

6) Vacuum the dead algae out of there straight to waste. You don’t want your filter picking up more algae than it has to.

7) Clean your filter with an algaecide designed for such a purpose. A very important step here as even though the algae was neutralized, there is still a risk of live algae repopulating your pool after it has been lurking in your pool filter waiting to strike. If you suspect this may have already happened to you, we offer a pool filter cleaning service to aid in ensuring a properly cleaned system. A clean filter is crucial to a clean pool.

8) If your pool still happens to remain cloudy, it may be due to a more advanced problem, like out of control phosphates or nitrates. These issues are a little more particular and we recommend professional analysis.

Of course, we do this stuff every day and would love to take care of your pool nightmares and turn them back to the dream! Get some peace of mind with our 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE! We love giving people their pool back, and our experience speaks for itself. For all your pool service needs, give us a call today! Or fill in your details and submit a free instant quote! We’re at your service, Boca Raton!

and longevity of your pool system.

Whether you have a traditional pool or a saltwater pool, we know how to keep them up to the highest standard. Our expert pool specialists in Boca Raton will be eager to find out your needs and help you achieve your ideal pool system. Pool maintenance to us is second nature.