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Salt Water Pool Maintenance

Contrary to some popular belief, a salt water pool bears no resemblance to the ocean. A saltwater pool simply refers to the method of chlorination which is slightly different from your typical chlorine pool. Instead of having to add harsh chlorine tablets or powder, which is quite toxic, this type of pool uses what’s called a salt cell. Water passes

through this cell, in between two metal plates located in the control box which give off an electrical charge between them. The salt allows the electric current to flow between the plates, and in a process called electrolysis, the salt turns into hypochlorous acid. This is the same compound that chlorine turns into inside of a regular pool. The difference is that regular chlorine tabs also leave behind another chemical in the water which causes the harsh ‘pool smell,’ along with red eyes and potential skin irritation. One of our Boca Pool pros will gladly speak with you about the potential benefits of adding or converting to a salt water system and see if it’s a good fit for your home or business.

In addition to gentle, soft water, salt water pools are also easier to maintain. Gone are the days where you need an arsenal of toxic chemicals to keep the water looking clear. Pool shock, being one of the more dangerous forms of chlorine, becomes a thing of the past. The salt cell can just be turned up to max flow and bam, a safe pool shock effect. Don’t forget that over-chlorinating a regular pool can lead to poisoning that can range from uncomfortable to downright dangerous! That being said, letting our team of professional pool service team take care of the task gives you peace of mind that all chemical levels are safe for you and your family. With salt water pool maintenance, this means just changing the salt cell periodically, and maintaining pH levels. Our salt water pool service crew will ensure your levels stay at the pristine condition for enjoyment.